About Us


Equipment and Services operates in Perú under the backing of SSK as business unit, serving needs of the construction company, and also providing services to third parties under the name of Deysu Equipment and Services in Colombia.

For Equipment and Services is essential to count with specialized engineers and technicians. To this end, 3 Centers of Excellence were implemented, where the staff is permanently trained. Additionally, they develop and perfect their skills.

Also, we count with international certifications like OSHA, and those granted by our strategic partners Manitowoc and Cummins for all its products, as well as a department with expertise in the design of large-scale and complex maneuvers. All this allows the business to offer a great service with high standards of quality and safety.


Be the leader company of lifting equipment services in Latin America, safeguarding the interests of our customers and ensuring high mechanical availability of their equipment.


Maximize the operational availability of construction equipment through maintenance and integral repairs and through the training of technicians and highly skilled operators.


We pledge to respect the dignity, as well as the beliefs and personal lives, of anyone who comes in contact with DEYSU.


We always act ethically and we expect those with whom we interact to do so as well. We stay true to our values, making sure to back up our works with our actions.


We are deeply committed to service and to ensuring that our clients are fully satisfied. We make sure that all parties clearly understand and agree to the costs and timelines for each project. We make every effort without our reach to fulfill each and every one of our promises.


We encourage well-coordinated and disciplined work, as well as respect and loyalty at all levels. Together, our team members generate synergies so that the value of the final product is always higher than the sum of our individual efforts.